• Website / Hosting Setup:

    " We at Clinchtech Ltd looked for a web service provider who could develop our web page as we wanted to see it, and then allow us to manage it for ourselves, once it was completed. SOHO gave us exactly that and more, having endless patience with our limited knowledge, whilst we were deciding on the content and style. The training was superb and allows us to manage our own site with little expense, exactly what a small business like us needs, a great job all round "

    Andy Griggs, Sales & Projects Manager - ClinchTech Ltd

  • Website / Hosting / Google Applications for Business Setup:

    " Starting our own business meant we needed a web site to promote and develop our new venture and finding the right provider that could help, develop and guide us was very important and after talking to many providers SOHO was the best option we thought. This decision turned out to be spot on, SOHO and their experience done us proud at a cost effective price with a great level of support all the way through, superb supplier for us at SLS "

    SLS Associates

  • Website / Hosting / Google Applications for Education Setup:

    " SOHO in the Cloud rapidly created a VLE for us that meets our needs well. They are always looking out for new ideas or programs that would enhance the user experience of our VLE site. "

    Chris Grey, ICT Coordinator - St Louis Catholic Academy

  • Google Applications for Education Setup:

    " SOHO made a potentially difficult setup completely painless. They had ironed out most problems before they came to my attention and handled the odd minor glitch cheerfully and promptly. Employ them! "

    Tim Brook, Creative Media Coordinator - St Felix Middle School

  • Google Apps for Education Setup:

    " Having been involved in setting up a few websites for schools, I have found the Google Apps system quite easy to understand once I had the initial basic training. Up loads are easy to do, and documents, such as policies, can be put onto the site as PDFs. "

    Kathy Lambert - Headteacher Thurston Primary School

Google Apps for Education & Business


Google Applications for Education is an fully featured, easy to manage and completely free learning system. Get to know Google Apps at their new Learning Centre website here.

It provides email, calendar, document storage and desktop publishing software that allows easy collaboration between staff and students.

The new Classroom system lets teacher set work for their classes. Students login to view the assignment using their school Google account. After they have completed the work the teacher is notified and can then mark and comment on the work, which is fed straight back to the student.

Students can simultaneously work and collaborate on Google Documents. These include:

  • Documents (Docs)
  • Spreadsheets (Sheets)
  • Presentations (Slides)
  • Survey Forms (Forms)

The Google System features also includes:

  • Secure communication between users and the Google hosting
  • 500 plus free teacher, staff and student accounts
  • 24 x 7 email and phone support
  • Usable on just about any device - Windows, Macs, Android and iOS devices.
  • Online teacher training
  • The educator owns the data stored by Google
  • Google are signed up to the Safe Harbor agreement, meaning they adhere to the Data Protection Act.

We will help you setup and configure your Google Apps for Education system for £250 for up to 20 teachers and staff. Students can be imported using the school's MIS software.


Google Applications for Business provides the same great features, but it is not free. Google charge from £3.30 per user per month for the service - Google pricing

We will help you setup and configure your Google Apps for Business system for £250 for up to 20 staff.

Get to know Google Apps at their new Learning Centre website here.